Minimum Viable Bureaucracy
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Minimum Viable Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy in large organizations and agile teams are two worlds that tend to clash head-on.

If you have multiple agile teams that want (or have) to work together, coordination is not an easy task. For agile scaling, the 'Minimum Viable Bureaucracy' (MVB) is an important step.

At the end of the day, it's always about providing the most value to your customers. Bureaucracy in the company is often a stumbling block.

That's why Minimum Viable Bureaucracy strives for the the least amount of governing bodies and processes needed to carry out the function(s) of an organization without impeding the delivery of customer value.

A primary driver of success is to reduce decision latency. That is, the time it takes to make a decision in the organization. Allowing quick decisions to be made on the spot increases team autonomy and productivity.