Teams where you felt valued and fulfilled: What made these teams special?
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Teams where you felt valued and fulfilled: What made these teams special?

In response to the question "Teams where you felt valued and fulfilled: What made these teams special?", here's what different people answered:

Trust and vulnerability.

Mistakes made are discussed openly, and then everyone moves on knowing that that mistake won’t happen again.

No one is reprimanded for breaking things.

Everyone listened and respected everyone's opinions.

There was zero micromanagement and we had the autonomy to implement solutions when we found problems.

The EQ of the team leads were exceptionally high.

1. Empowering people to work independently and make decisions.

2. Being transparent and building trust.

3. Recognition as a person, not just an employee or automaton.

4. Open to new ideas and suggestions.

5. No politics or bureaucracy.

Trust. Hired to do a job and allowed to do it. No micro-management.

And trusted teammate to do their part.

Trust, autonomy, and a small team of kick-ass people that collaborate well together.

Consistency and respect. Monday morning meetings with everyone in the office from the Executive Assistants to the Managing Directors. We went through our weekly schedules and supported one another where we could.

Was lucky to have started my career at a wonderful Family Office.

Trust, freedom, and support - Trusted to get on with the job I was hired to do - Freedom to make decisions and try new ideas - Supported (not blamed) when things went wrong

  1. Trust
  2. Honesty
  3. Empowering
  4. Collaborative
  5. Educative
  6. Mentoring
  7. Open-minded
  8. Confidence
  9. Bravery
  10. Feeling Valued and supported

  1. Empowered
  2. Accountable
  3. Trusted
  4. Stretch-Expectations
  5. Equal, in every way.

4th point is important; don’t set high expectations, but rather set expectations where you stretch to meet expectations - can’t be a walk in the park.

Shared vision

Transparence and communication

Communication, sense of real teamwork and transparence

Small cross functional team with a deep understanding of agile process implemented.


Collaboration, passion and excitement from all. No egos. Just wonderful energy.

1. I could see the value of my work - people were grateful, or empowered by it

2. I felt uniquely capable of delivering this result, or better than all my peers

3. The work was just hard enough that I felt pride in having done it (but not so hard that it was a slog)

Everyone is passionate

No Politics

Clear definition of success and goals

Team members (not leadership) reward and recognize other’s contributions

Inclusiveness, appreciative of each other, knowledgeable

Similar passion for the work.

personal development and internal and external recognition.

Community building/trust

trusting me with a good share of responsibilities even though everyone on the team was far more experienced and older than me

Trust, transparency, and a growth mindset (aka nobody’s too proud to ask for or jump in to help)

Trust, clear agreed-upon goal, treating failure as OFIs, accountability, being able to discuss hard problems without holding a grudge.

The right mix of complementary skills - each person brings their expertise to the table to help achieve a shared goal.

Contrast that with teams where members are trying to undermine each other because they share skill sets and someone has to be 'right', the goal is secondary.

Mutual respect, no ego conflict resolution, inclusiveness, autonomy, & uplifting team members who are genuinely invested in each other’s growth.

A culture that acknowledges mistakes, learns from it, focuses on learning on the job instead of putting pressure on one to know it all.

Empowering people, putting their growth first, and giving them a sense of ownership on what they do.

Feeling of ONE team

Mutual virtues shared of all members:

Transparency* breeding trust (*honesty+openness+courage)

Collaboration** creating results (**respect+service+integrity)

Appreciation giving meaning

Trust, compassion, and a sense of agency.

Inclusive brainstorming and decision-making, autonomy, being able to see how individual contributions drive results, alignment toward an overall value-driven goal

Trust, respect, buy-in, autonomy with accountability.

A place where you don’t need to leave parts of yourself behind each morning as you enter the work day.

Great communication, respect for one another, and a shared interest in achieving the goal.

1) equal contribution

2) mutual trust & respect

3) complementary skillsets

4) strong leadership

5) good acquaintances, but not great friends.

The team is naturally talented and ambitious. What we encouraged was psychological safety and a standard of performance. Everything else is magic.

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